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Biggest "HUH?" moment in a game for you?


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Walking out the Temple of Time knowing that shit had gone down...

but just not being prepared enough.


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I was playing ETW one time as the Dutch and started concentrating on taking India to help with my income (avoiding the Maratha Confederacy because pissing off Britain is a bad idea), it took me from around 1715 until 1720 I think until I had dominance. When I came back to concentrate on Europe, however, it turns out the Barbary States had invaded Britain, taken Bristol and the whole of Ireland. And to top it off a bunch of states in India had rebelled and completely destroyed my hold there.

Quite surprising. Guess that's what I get for trying to make the world Dutch.


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When Validar was revealed as the avatar's father in Fire Emblem Awakening.

I had already known most of the twists beforehand, but that was kind of surprising to me. I didn't know EVERYTHING. Plus, that sort of gave me the realization that I had committed patricide early in the game. And that essentially...I'm a heroic version of Fire Emblem 4's Julius. :O


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The end of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, when Lucy was killed and the first AC. :shock:


My first time playing Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime. Just when I thought games couldn't get any better... and then they just did.


Warning Spoiler:

Ni No Kumi: Wrath of the White Witch, when you find out the dragon's soul-mate is a human, and his master's (human pirate) soul-mate is a dog. I was like, is this a reference to furries? XD.

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Playing Final Fantasy X. But my "HUH?" moment was more about my confusion why this game is so ridiculously overhyped >__>
The fact that this game was the only reason why I wanted to buy a PS2 when it first launched is still emberassing for me :p


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Some of the quests in Skyrim, particularly the ending to "A Taste of Death"
That's some good beef.


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Gta: San Andreas. After working with all your "homies," they just up and betray you to your arch-rivals. It was just so sudden that it rocked my 10-year-old brain (back when I played it.)

Also, pretty much the entirety of Saints Row: the Third. It was just a huge "WTF?!" all around. I mean, zombies, Gatt's death, etc.


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That spoiled, whiny emo asshole still haunts my dreams... XP

He may be a whiny emo asshole but I still might​ have a bit of a crush on him :c


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