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Bill S-10 Past first round D: (Canada law regarding marijuana use)

Link to boring Gov stuff:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have been pushing extreme new drug legislation that, if passed, will put thousands of non-violent marijuana users behind bars and waste billions of taxpayer dollars on expensive new prisons. Bill S-10 would bring American-style mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana offences to Canada for the first time. D:
Now you may not smoke pot, but out of your mom, cousin, brother, sister, neighbor, or grand parents at least one person close to you enjoys their doobies.I feel this country should be working back to the point when it was decriminalized. Marijuana and the trafficking of are very light offences at this time, and why should it not be light? no one gets hurt, people don't turn to crime to support a marijuana habit and its is less hazardous to ones health then alcohol or cigarettes. Yet normal people like you, or I are locked up with REAL criminals in the states right now for years for nothing more then getting caught with a bag of pot. D:

If this bill passes it will also be retro active witch is going to create need for more jails, as they will be packed to the tits with past offenders (including myself and many loved ones). The privatization of the prison system is also a possibility to fallow this as the gov will no longer be able to up that kind of funding. If you care at all, call your MP spread the word, help put a stop to the Americanization of our legal system!

More information can be found on the interwebs...

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The hatred of FAF personified
The American system is failing because of this very reason. Canada, what the hell.
Good job Canada, help US bring down the whole Northern Hemisphere!


Inglorious Bastard
Canada is so square now. Like the US.


Hey don't be hatin' on the U.S ;__;

I really don't care about weed, but I'm for the legalization for it, what you do to your body isn't my business, and plus, a marijuana market would greatly benefit our economy.

Also there's the whole drug war and the drug cartels and gangs and stuff, that shit needs to stop x.x Even though they would probably switch to cocaine or something, it would ease up the violence a little.


Fabulous Secret Powers
I like to think legalizing it would open grander opportunities to me, because anyone who would normally get in my way is now to frequently baked and incoherent to function.