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Binary/Pixel Commissions ($7~$50)


New Member
Hello, FAF! My name is Easy and I'm a new artist looking to set-up shop here!

So right away: My examples are pretty limited - I draw a little bit of everything, but these are all my very most recent drawings and almost all of them are non furry. I'm choosing these pieces to give you the best "feel" of what you're buying.




stickers ---- $10 ea.
- $40 for 5
- $75 for 10

☆ These are pretty static (all the same size, similar poses/expressions)



clean sketch ---- $7~
add another +$7 for additional characters &/or flats

You can order up to 5 individual sketches at a time.. if you're crazy enough to come back for more then we'll talk about a discount or something

☆ sketches are always busts~waist ups
☆ these are quick~ ish sketches that I just as quickly line



bust ---- $18
half body ---- $22
full body ---- $30

couples go for $32 and $50 for HB and FB pieces respectively

★ DOs & DON'Ts ★

☆ I personally think my strong point is feminine characters and characters with a lot of curves/chub, but I can also draw muscles if you think my style is for you!
☆ I'm willing to draw most things, including nsfw/gore but please message me privately for those details. I accidentally violated the rules by posting censored examples, but I guess that was still too risky for the forums..oops! Don't contact me about this if you're under 18
☆ I'm mostly looking to draw anthros - I have almost no experience with feral characters
☆ Additional charges may apply if your character is particularly detailed or complicated to draw


☆ Please provide me with clear image references; no text descriptions
☆ However, I would love to hear about your character's personality, quirks, or any additional information that may help me properly portray them!
☆ You can message me here or contact me at:
- easyeggs @ FurAffinity
- sweetbabyocelot@gmail.com
- or ask me for my discord and I'll message it to you privately