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Birthday Art whoring.


Cutest lil bastard ever
Yay! It's obligatory count down to my death day.

Sooooo, I was wondering, if I could get some birthday arts of my character, you know, in some kind of birthday scene (Refs in the sig).

That would be awesome, since I know I'm not going to be doing anything, 'cept going to work.

Internet high fives to those who take on the task.

Thanks all around. Now off to my day of making pizzas!




Cutest lil bastard ever
It's true. I do love me some caek. thank you, Zenia!

(Totally forgot to change my reference x.x but thank you none the less, total internet high fives to you).


White Devil
so which is your sona i will doodle you up something, dont expect a masterpiece but im working with sketching different body forms, so link me to a ref of him and a body type and i will try and surprise you