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Birthday Commission for a friend


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Hello, a friend of mine has a birthday coming up in roughly six weeks, and I have decided to get him a commission for a long standing RP of ours. Until recently I was planning on using an artist I have always liked, but the individual in question has increased their prices dramatically. To this end I must find another artist for the job. I would prefer to keep the price at $100 or less. It will be a harem piece for semi-realistic to realistic felines with a mildly NSFW scenario. 2-4 characters will be present depending on which artist I choose and their pricing model. I would appreciate offers and examples of prior work to aid in my decision. Thank you.


Hey there, if you're still looking for work I'd love to help you out! Here are a few examples I can provide:

SFW example 1
SFW example 2
SFW example 3

my Furaffinity Gallery, if you'd like to poke around a bit more and to see all my NSFW examples. I've had a few posts with NSFW links removed so I cant link them im afraid.

For a scenario with 2 characters, the price would be around 75$ (Fully shaded, no background) or 105$ (Fully shaded with a background). Check out my price list for more options, and my terms of service

Just shoot me an email to kialish@yahoo.com or a note on my Furaffinity if you want to commission me!


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I can offer doing a two-character-scene (background included) for $50, one with four characters for $80. Assuming we don't need to edit the image a ton of times I should be able to finish it under two weeks.
Since I don't have multiple feline examples in my gallery and that'd be risky for you I'd be willed to do sketches for each character first. If you don't like the style you can drop out without paying anything.

Here are some examples of my style in general:



My FA gallery might give a better impression (although there is a lack-of new anthro NSFW works) Artwork Gallery for Yarik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you're interested you can contact me via note or send and E-mail to 1992rafaelmartin@gmail.com


Hey) I'm pretty interested in your idea. And I also love doing some good birthday stuff.)
As for your commission request.. Check my gallery and my commissions thread to choose a style you would like me to draw.
But I can clearly say that it will costs 100$ for the digital painting style with 2 characters and background. Or up to 90$ with no bg and 4 characters scene.

Oh, some examples of the last style: