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Request: Bit of an obscure request

I have a character that's a demoness dragon and for the longest time have wanted to get something that would make her unique fire cannon art-wise. She has a black flame they can freely manipulate that works fairly different to other fire, instead of emitting heat it draws it in like a black hole draws in light. As it pulls heat in, the near area would become scorched and from its boundaries of reach would begin to ice over as all heats been sapped. Would love if anyone would be willing to try draw something up to show off this flame <3



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I don't have the time for freebies right now, but a thought occurred to me: if this black fire draws in heat instead of radiating it, would that also mean that the 'flame' burned downwards rather than upwards? (Not scientific, I know, but that's what you get for breaking the laws of thermodynamics!)