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Black Handpaws wanted (before next month)



I'm currently looking for some handpaws, simple black color. The pawpads and claw colors aren't as important, though I would prefer colors on the yellow/orange/red/black spectrum. I would need these paws in time for San Japan, and would need them to arrive at my place by Wed. of next week (8/31/16). (I live near Waco, TX)

I do not have a fully set budget for these handpaws, but I was hoping to spend not much more than $100 for them, and since they are needed a bit sooner, I'd prefer if it's from someone selling within the US.

Please leave a comment below if you're able to do this with me, along with images of paws you've done before. The price I set is what I'm hoping to pay, but if your prices are a little higher please still post below! If I'm impressed on your quality I may be willing to spend more.

EDIT: I realized that my original asking price was too low, and have adjusted it accordingly.
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I noticed I may be a bit late, but if you're still interested, I can create a pair of my slim feral style handpaws like that for $100 USD.
Excluding shipping, which takes 3 days at most (without external delay, of course!)

I have a few examples of solid black ones in that style. They're much more dexterous than my standard/toony feral style paws. :)

Ps, they're not mittens, either :) they're fully functional handpaws.

Go to FedoraFurs LLC | Facebook for a demo, as well as more info (and examples) on other optional features such as: liners, optional lengths (elbow-length, full-arm length, etc.) and more!

You can also see some info here at Commission Info for FedoraEagle -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if you don't have Facebook :)

I also live/create in the US, so there's that.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at fedorafurs@gmail.com!