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Black veil brides


Are there any other furrys who like black veil brides other than me if so please tell me what is you favorite song by them oh and if anyone knows when and where they are playing next plz tell me
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They're the kinda band a Justin Bieber fan would listen to when they want to listen to something heavy.


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I guess they're ok, except that they look like a bunch of rejects. I think they look like a tween version of the band Testament.
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I kind of like their music, but it's not my type of music. I would perfer Avenged Sevenfold. Sorry.


Well, I guess I'm going to be the first one to say that I like them, and this is coming from a guy who's favourite genre is melodic death metal.

I dig their look because it reminds me of the 80's hair metal look, but they add a bit of a gothic twist to it. Their music is also very much like 80's hair metal but a bit heavier. Their lyrical content may not be my cup o' tea, but regardless I enjoy Andrew's singing voice as well as his scream here and there.


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Man, people in here acting like they're Attack! Attack! levels of bad

Pretty boring band, though. What do you like about them, OP? Maybe we could get you started on some more exciting stuff


Basically every band so far mentioned in this thread is shite
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I like there live shows and there look reminds me of montly Crüe and kiss there music is good, more like bullet for my Valentine and a7 who I don't really like .


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My little cousin likes them. I've listened to a bit, the singer sounds like a girl half the time... I gotta figure out how he does that... >_>

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I hate them both.
I can't say I love Bullet, his voice can get on my nerves, but I feel they can get away with it just a bit more.I don't really listen to that much of that teen emo genre, but you can't hate them.