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Blame all the worlds problems on fat people


It seems to me that prettymuch everyone is blaming all that they can on being obese. It's unhealthy and I'm prettysure that calling them out on every little thing going wrong doesn't help them in the least. But that's just me -shrugs-


back'n up back'n up
Blaming all this crap on them is ether going to piss them off or make them depressed which will only make the problem worse.


Fat-Roll Spelunker


(yes seriously....I like hugely bottomed women...and well, who am I kidding....just all around huge women....but a big ass is my ultimate weakness. Pardon me, while I drool on my monitor now)

Vore Writer

Dog faced God
Hey, I'm like 6'2", 360lbs.....technically quite obese, though I don't feel that I am, really. Just somewhat fat. But it don't stop me from doing my job, or being a brutal metal beast on any of my chosen instruments!

To each there own...but I love fat, and I dig being fat, too


Sweet looking bass dude.