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(Commission) Selling: Blinking Pixel Icons! ($5-$11) 3 SLOTS OPEN

Heya! I'm new to FA and thought I'd make a post on the forums for the pixel icons I make. I used to make and sell these on Furry Amino though I'm thinking about "Retiring" from Amino for commissions and only doing them on here and DA.

Anyway, here's some info and prices!

  • These are by default 100x100 pixels. If you need something different please ask!
  • Each one is made from scratch, this is not from a base!
  • I'm willing to do any species and design, though keep in mind more complicated designs might not look as good as more simple ones since my space for drawing is limited.
  • For now I only accept PayPal.
  • You can pick what background color you'd like, but if you don't pick one I will for you.
  • If you'd like the eye glares to wiggle just say so, but by default they don't.
  • The two expressions in an expression change icon can by anything as long as it only involves the eyes and mouth!
Base Price (flat color): $5
Shading: +$2
Ear flick: +$2
Expression change: +$2


Shaded with ear flick and expression change: $11
doggo blinking icon.gif

Shaded with ear flick: $9
bert blink.gif

Flat color: $5
Cowgirl blinking icon.gif
blink icon.gif
pilot blinking icon.gif

If you're interested please PM me! You can on here or you can contact me on my FA: Userpage of SlimyBoy625 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net