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Blizzard is getting nailed atm (D3 launch)


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Because of anti-piracy efforts, many can't play a single player game without lag issues.

Required internet connection to play single-player is the biggest reason why I have not and will not buy this game


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I got that shit for free, so I am not complaining. :V

This is also a reminder of SWTOR when it hit lauch and the many bugs following it months after launch.


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Don't forget that hilarious auction house.

Hey! I like the fact that you can take the allowance of Manchildren in exchange for an item that you may or may not replace in the future! :V


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The DRM gives me terrible nightmares of Assassins Creed 2 on the PC.

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I end up buying a lot of humble games these days. I just don't have the patience to deal with a lot of these big game companies and DRM.

It's not even bugs that bother me *too* much, even old school games like back to Atari had their share of bugs :p

I just don't want to "Sign up here" "wait for this" each time I just want to waste my free time on a game. Due to that I still just play games on a PS2 or Dreamcast. Or old emulated games.


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Saw that Blizzard was getting nailed in the thread title and felt compelled to see what was going on. I stopped liking Blizzard a long time ago. Good to see they're as unreliable as ever.

Guild wars 2 needs to be released already I have been in all the beta events, its glorious.


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Hey! I like the fact that you can take the allowance of Manchildren in exchange for an item that you may or may not replace in the future! :V

Sounds like when i used to be an escort on SecondLife. Those lonely man-babies just throw money at you.

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I had this same issue with Tropico 4 during the free-to-play weekend on Steam. The moment I started it up for the first time and saw that I had to register a username and email adress I quit and uninstalled.
I don't care what wonderful features and gubbins and butterflies are included with 'online options', the fact that I did not get the simple option to say "no thanks" to all of that and play the bloody single-player game without any online hoohaa cost them a sale.
Off course, I went to the Steam forum for the game and saw that anyone who expressed the same position was labelled as a whiner, because "it's just a few clicks and what are you complaining about?".


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Sounds like when i used to be an escort on SecondLife. Those lonely man-babies just throw money at you.

Did they solicit you for sex or did you sell digital coke bottles for $2.50 RL currency?

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Apparently my partner started a game on hardcore, so if you die, your game is over. Before too far in, his connection to the server broke. He logged back in and it seems that he died at some point while the connection was timing out.
So much for that.

Ahhh, this game.. it's fascinating and painful at the same time, just hearing about this.


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o my gosh, a game has server issues on realease? How unheard of!

Seriously any game with online servers will generally have problems and it's generally to be expected >.>

Yes, that reminds of why I don't go to theatres.

Because every time I go see a movie on opening weekend, they're sold out and if I do get in, it's crowded and full of people spoiling my viewing experience.

Btw guys, if you're really against this game so much, there's one thing to do: Boycott it.

And don't pirate it - you want to DENY arguments in favour of DRM, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and CISPA, don't you? Well do just that and simply go without playing Diablo 3. Yes, going without a hyped game...it's going to be okay. Take a deep breath. Got it? Good.

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I agree with the not pirating, but purchases for games is a lot harder. Many pre-ordered the damn thing and others bought it with hoping it would work. Others bought the game because they waited 12 years...and it's not like you can easily return it. And while I understand the difficulties in software purchases, there should be more consumer rights ... because some stores practice a return policy that is just...blah. So not only do you have to deal with a bad product, you have to be careful where you buy it so you don't get a messed up return policy.

If Diablo was an MMO game, and yeah the servers being overloaded is one thing. However, people enjoy Diablo for being OFFLINE and requiring people to log in for even offline mode is extremely stupid. Because while the servers were being overloaded, people who had the game should have been like "no big deal, I can play offline and wait for the loads to die down". Since they made this "intelligent" decision, I feel they deserve all the bad press they get.


The problem is with all vendors you can't return a physical copy of D3 because the key was used and activated. All retailers will say "NOPE. You're fucked!" while you keep a dusty box on your shelf.
Or you could risk a few kinds of hell by selling your account if you don't happen to play any other blizzard game.
You can get a refund off the digital download, meaning you bought it via battle.net. Blizzard can simply tick a few things and make it look like D3 never existed. No loss.

Bottom line is the negatives are quickly outgrowing the positives.
At one time blizzard said that an online connection was only required to start playing (You know... Log in: "You are legit. kthxbai." and you're done.). They supposedly changed that late last year and most of the devoted diablo fans are calling people retarded for not knowing this.


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I'd like to see you try to host a flawless login system (even with Blizz's resources), that doesn't shit itself when confronted with that many login attempts.

Blizzard effectively set up a voluntary botnet that DDOS's the shit out of their login servers when D3 went live.
This has nothing to do with reliability.

Kinda their own damn fault with the always-online bit, yeah?


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I really need to stop bashing this game, but I saw a new one last night. It's hard to just leave it alone, when I continually see someone being screwed over in it.

So after Arc/Sonatatata beats a boss or something in the game, a cut-scene started. When it went back to the game from the cut-scene, on his screen is something to the effect of:

So I guess, while the cut-scene was playing, the server decided he was just standing around with mobs.

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Eh, it's understandable. I mean I'd probably be like "doth protest a bit much" back in the golden 20 dollar games because I always figure someone will play play a game 4-5 times because they enjoy it. Gaming replay value has dropped a lot. Watching someone spend nearly 60-70 bucks for a game and can't even get through it astounds me.

I think I'll go with Torchlight...I like the kind of hack n slash kind of gaming since the original Gauntlet (I miss that being in the arcades - you made so many friends or enemies that way lol). Torchlight remembers that games should be fun first of all and people will be willing to support and pour more money over to companies for gaming development.