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Lurker by trade

BlueZCherry's Commissions
All prices are in USD and are minimums. Prices vary based on the difficulty of your commission. For example, a sketch will be much cheaper than a full illustration with a background.
- Bust: $10
- Half body: $15
- Full body: $30
- Scenery: + $10
- Additional character:
+ 50% of base cost
- Speedpaint file: + $5

- Half of payment due up front, rest upon completion, refundable if I can't
- Please note that it’s fine if you use my art for anything non-commercial, but please credit me if you do! Preferably by linking back to me, or by having my name next to the image.
- I will post the piece unless you request otherwise.
-I charge for every major edit after I send a sketch for approval, but feel free to ask for more examples or check ins to make sure you get what you want before then, those are free.

jjtdoodles.tumblr.com: *shakes can* art ideas?
Userpage of bluezcherry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I've decided to open up commissions! :D I'll respond to dms, replies to this thread, or you can email me at differentjasper@gmail.com. Or, fill out this form! :) More examples on my Furaffinity: Userpage of bluezcherry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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I also have a ko-fi! (You'll get a sketch if you donate! ^v^)
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Lurker by trade
Hi guys! Commissions are still open :) I currently have insurance and car repairs to pay, so it would be really helpful, even just little things :0
And make sure to keep an eye out for comic commissions coming soon! ^v^