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Forum Board reorganization


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For the most part I don’t think the organization of the forum is terrible by any stretch, but there’s a couple of changes I think would be beneficial:

- Add a subforum for “seeking furs in my area” type threads. They’re relevant to a relatively small subset of users, regardless of the area covered, and only serve to take up space on the general boards. I understand their utility, I just think they should have their own place.

- Possibly add a sticky thread for Discord server promotion. This is absolutely personal preference, but there seems to be a minimum of 2-3 of these threads active at any one time, and ultimately they just feel like advertising.

- Either merge the Community Discussion and General Discussion boards, or create clear guidelines as to where topics should go between the two. We get what to me feels like fandom-related threads in General and vice versa, but without a clear guideline I feel like I can’t report these threads as being on the wrong subforum. Basically, there’s little effective difference between the two at present.

- Related to the above, a sticky thread, possibly linked from the thread creation page if that’s an option (I admit I don’t recall much about the admin panel at this point), breaking down what goes where on the forum. IMO this should also include directing general “ask me anything” type threads (SSJ’s budtender thread being the kind of special case that this wouldn’t apply to) to Forum Introductions, as they feel like “get to know me” more than, well, discussion.

- A policy of merging in “chat” threads with Open Chat or whatever that thread is called. Threads with no clear topic beyond “talk to me” feel pretty superfluous to me as someone who remembers a time before Open Chat was allowed, and we don’t need multiple of those threads.

I guess the TL;DR of all of this is that I’d like to see a bit more structure in the forum organization, so that I and others can actually make a decent guess as to where to find a particular thread or type of thread.


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Ah, I am not the only one who thinks the boards can use an upgrade. In terms main forum use I came over from a site called "Tails Refuge" that's dead now. I think FA Forums should switch over to either this platform their format needs. It has everything user want and will make the site far intuitive to use. I will now show you

Right now FA using the XenForo and I they should switch to the Invisioncommunity. Site seen here: Invision Community - Forum software, CMS, eCommerce & more - Invision Community

It has all the things we have been asking plus more, like Birthday Notifications, blogs, clubs, user galleries (we could possibly hook it up to FA galleries), and much more. And most Importantly a far, FAR better site map than we have now.
Here. You can see the difference here:
Red - Tails Refuge
Tails Refuge

I'd go over all the features it has been then I'd write an novel. Just go over my profile to see how I can make my profile a "destination" and how the front page is far my user friendly. If pricing/bandwidth with them is an issue I'm sure FA could just hire someone to homebrew something at this point. I mean in all the YEARS I've been coming back I can't recalled FA truly updating the forums.


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Since the forums were just brought back from hibernation and @Dragoneer mentioned in another thread that things are still being fine-tuned, I would like to raise this topic again, hopefully for consideration during that fine-tuning process.

I stand by most/all of what I listed in OP, with a few additions/modifications/whatever:

- I don’t know what exactly changed about the mobile interface but it’s feeling way less user-friendly to me/the way I usually browse. At minimum I’d love full breadcrumbs back.

- Dedicated subforum for Discord server promotion might be more realistic than a sticky thread, if pre-existing promotion threads are to be included, since some few of them have had replies

- Official addressing of the removal of the News & Politics subforum, specifically addressing what is being expected from the community. Are certain topics that would have gone there now prohibited? Are they permitted but without the increased scrutiny of the N/P subforum? What is/isn’t welcome as a topic of discussion?
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