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Body hair on men; aye or nae?

What a hair-brained idea for a thread!

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Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
This thread is for the straight ladies and the gay men pre-eminently. ;D
If you're trans and identify as a man or woman- just pick the respective choice you're most comfortable with; I'll have an option at the bottom of the poll as well for people who would prefer not to pick either.

I was interested in knowing what people's attitudes are towards body hair. Do people like a 'wild-man' or a smooth talker?

Personally I'm not too fussed about hair on other men; I'll take 'em as they come.

Now, do remember to keep this thread PG. A tall order for furries I know. ;3

Frank Gulotta

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Depends. Awesome fox hair wouldn't be so bad but here I am, stuck with lame, unfluffy, evolved monkey person hair. Yikes.
Hmm, is the problem that evolved monkey hair is patchy and scarce like we have mange? that would make sense

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One of the side effects of men is that they have body hair. It doesn't bother me, but having it clipped by a watch is a pain.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
One of the side effects of men is that they have body hair. It doesn't bother me, but having it clipped by a watch is a pain.

Some men have more than others. Typically men with European ancestry are the most likely to have it. But I've known men who vary all the way between being almost like a sphinx cat, and grizzly bears.


My partner never had any issue with me having body hair. Hairy chest, legs, arms, pits, you know where. I never had any issues but I noticed over time you tend to become a bit reactive and got a few minor rashes.
Only real issue for my partner was when I had a beard and mustache because my hairs used to keep on stabbing into her.


It depends on the individuals body and facial structure if it works then I'm fine if it looks off then it is a turn off.

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To be completely honest..There was a time where I was more "basic"..

"I want a tall man who's in shape,
with no body hair,
sexy abs,
a nice 'stache, and long hair.."

..I dated a guy like that, he was built like a pencil. Very full of himself, and after our short relationship, I began indulge into my inner misanthropy. It wasn't a serious relationship by all means, but I felt that it was at Least getting there..

I'm not saying All men shaped and looking like him are full of themselves, etc..But you've gotta check it out if a guy is Obsessed with taking care of how he looks, etc. Checking if you look decent is another, more normal aspect of life..but being Obsessed with it is a bit different..imo.

My last ex was very skinny in the beginning of our relationship. He shaved often, so I wasn't aware that he was generally a hairy dude..Years into our relationship, he gained a good bit of weight (which I couldn't see for myself, my family let me know) and I realized that this dude was just as furry as a bear..

Unfortunately, the man's a lunatic who can't understand that no means no and that I can't tolerate his behavior and how he treated me overall during our relationship.. however..his physical appearance grew on me..

I now prefer bigger, "chunky" men who are hairy..
I feel that bigger men who don't exactly trim / shave so often tend to relax more throughout life overall and don't mind having a good time eating and drinking the foods and snacks they love..I feel like they're not as serious as some other people are..
...maybe that's what it is..But overall, I'm more attracted to that appearance..

...I like bigger, hairier men a lot, okay..? :oops:


Fur yes, body hair no.
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I'm not too fond of guys, but the most I would say is to just shave your armpits and trim or shave your nether region. I probably won't complain at that point.

Beards are usually fine; chest hair is whatever; arms, legs and back, who cares.
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As long as the bush is maintained/clear (cause it feels nicer doing the nasty imo) I don't care if the dude is a naked mole rat or a fully-coated bear. There's nothing more annoying than having to stop and pull the hairs from your tongue while going down on someone.

Trimming armpit hair would be greatly appreciated as well. Stinky boiz.

Haven't been with a dude with a huge, full beard though so I'm not sure if I would find reason to be bothered by it until it stabs me in the face.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Just a reminder to keep this PG guys. ;D Don't get too excited!

I have too much bodyhair. It sucks right now.

There seem to be lots of users here who would think you're great though.

Out of interest does your preference for your own body reflect your preferences for other people's? Or are these distinct things?


I don't mind it really. It depends on the guy somewhat (some guys look better with it than others) but I have never been turned off by it.