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It's about Bolt, star of his own action TV show who believes every part of it is real. When his owner is kidnapped (in show), Bolt escapes his home in an attempt to find and resue her. This leads to him travelling (in a cardboard box) from Hollywood to New York. Which winds up with him travelling back home with help from a cat named Mittens, and later, a hamster named Rhino.


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Furries, you're doing it wrong.


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All right, here's a pic for Jace and anyone else interested.

The only things I'm missing now that I still want to get are the soundtrack and a T-shirt.

Holy crap Bolt plushies. *grabby hands.*

[/immature moment]


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Bolt is ruined by overzealous use of muscles. Seriously. The character is ruined.

\Just saw it today.
\\Pretty good film.


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Bolt is ruined by overzealous use of muscles. Seriously. The character is ruined.

This. It just sucks out the cute and fuzzy factor. D:


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The picture made me weep tears of blood.

I'm opening a gift shop.


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I'm not opposed to the Bolt fanart that's been showing up lately, hahah.

But sounds like it's had good responses, so I guess I'll check it out sometime. Probably when it's on DVD.

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I just saw it yesterday, and I enjoyed it. :) It's got a nice cast of characters, a good story, and neat animation. I highly recommend it. ;)


Pretty sure he is a white GSD, perhaps a young one explains his size. I have not seen the movie, tho. The large ears, fur length, and confo just says German Shepherd Dog to me/


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Reiterating what everyone else is saying, yeah, my first impression was that he's an American white shepherd puppy. >>


Everyone say "awwww" in unison now.