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Bonsoir, et ça va? (The whole thing isn't in French, I promise).

Lycaan Drakensken

de la Dralupinconidia, le roi du feu!!!
Hello everybody.
I am Lycaan Drakensken (online, at least), and I have been on FA for about...2 years, I think (I'll check whenever the site is back up), where I am exclusively a Watcher.
I try my hand at writing, and others have said I am quite good, but I don't really have the time to write that often.
I am (almost) bilingual, English being my first language, and French being the one that I am about halfway through the process of learning, which explains the title, I suppose.
I am on a few bits of social media, and like many others, YouTube is my favorite, and if you want to get my information about those social media(s), then I'll gladly give them to you privately, provided we talk for a bit first.
Feel free to ask more questions on the thread, if you have any, and I will answer as soon as possible.
À bientôt!