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Books you loved as a child



I am feeling nostalgic today.

Post and share books and stories you loved reading or having someone read to you when you were very young.

My mother would read me Ignis, a story about a dragon who is a late bloomer and doesn't know how to breath fire, but after going on a journey and meeting new people learned to be the best fire breather of all dragons.





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Nothing that awesome. I liked Where the Sidewalk Ends and Charlotte's Web.


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Warriors. Whether it be the actual books or the graystripe comics


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Redwall, The Deptford Mice, Horrible Histories, Fighting Fantasy. So many to name!


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The hobbit.
every Terry Pratchett book my pops would sneak me without my mom knowing.

every Redwall book I've ever read.

The Xanth series.

My pops would read me mythology stories as bedtime stories. From Greek to Russian to native American, ect.
Instilled a huge love in myths i still have to this day.

Slytherin Umbreon

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Chronicles of Narnia, Series of Unfortunate Events, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter...
Most everything I red, I loved, I think. lol -3-
Hard to remember it all.

I didn't read anything by Tamora Pierce until I was a teen, but I'm adding her anyway because she deserves it.


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The more I think about my childhood... the more frogs appear o.o


I loved "The Animal Republic". I think it was inspired by "Animal Farm" by George Orwell but I'd find the species diversity and the frog president more appealing


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The Lord of The Rings was my favorite book when I was young!
Not that I don't love it now hehe


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Even though my parents never read to me, they ensured that I love reading. I remember reading by myself books that my father had since he was a child, he had lots of fairy tales books with gorgeous illustrations, and my favorite story of them was "the snow queen" by Hans Christian Andersen. I can say I love morbid and horror stories because of them too, lol ("the red shoes" is a really f*cked up story :O).


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The Prince of Whales by RL Fisher.

It's about a young humpback whale who sings in his sleep, and he's basically kicked out of his pod because the adults are afraid his singing will attract whaling ships.

He meets a sort of "spirit guide" - a little gold whale named Thes who sends him on a quest to find his "real" voice, and to fight the evil spirit that is using the whaling ships to destroy his kind.

It was a unique book - not many stories with whales as main characters.


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It was 2006. I was visiting my cousins, and they had this book called "The Phantom Tollbooth." I got a copy, and I never forgot about it ever since.


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The boxcar kids, every horse book I could find, and the Redwall series. I was super sad when I heard the author for that series died.