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Boop boop taking a few requests C:


Sleepy Baby
Hello, I'm Meg! I'm always up for drawing cute things, so throw some cute characters at me.

If I turn you down/don't draw your character, feel free to request another one.

My FA page is here if you want to see some examples c:



You're a silly filly!


If you'd let me I'd love to throw Ahri and Ehris your way for consideration. Maybe some cutesy head shots or whatever you'd be interested in if they happen to catch your eye. I don't have visual refs, so I hope descriptions are okay.
Ahriana Thorn – Character Page (Journal on FA) -- Maybe in her hybrid form (with the ears)?
Ehris Nyx – Character Page (Journal on FA)
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Oh gosh I would LOVE it if you drew me and my friend's characters ;w;
Milton|Better hair ref a sensitive adorkable little dude with dreadlocks<3
And Murrie, his best buddy, he's the more bold<3

Both of them LOVE candy, of all kinds!
And thank you so so SOOOOOO much for considering ;w;


Ahh, you have such a fun art style and lovely coloring! I am glad you like drawing CUTE. I have an appreciation for people who appreciate cute!

If you're up for it, I would love love love a doodle of my gryphony fursona. He's a big ol' puppy at heart, so feel free to draw him doing the most absurdly adorable puppy-thing you can imagine, like attacking a squeaky toy, or chasing after a dragonfly, or digging holes in the yard, or somehow managing to get stuck in a tree even though he has wings, or snuggling up to take a nap on a cuddly-soft blankie... If you need an extra dose of cute, you can replace his collar with a fun, colorful bandana!

Thank you for offering to share your adorable art, and extra extra bunches of thanks if you draw something for me! <3


Sleepy Baby
OH MAN look at all these kind comments and requests! I'll get to doodling soon, tonight's been really busy, oops.

Waahhh too many awesome characters! ;;

Edit: oh, just did Wezen's, it's kind of wonky but here! C:
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If these are still open, I've got the perfect cute character for you to draw. ^^ My sona is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Who doesn't love an adorable corgi?!

Anyway, thanks for considering me! Here's my ref. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8682863/

A lot of helpful information is in the description, too! :3