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boop! let's practice learning how to draw together!


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Hi, (sorry if this is the wrong subforum to be posting this; this is my first post!)

Right now, I am 23 years old currently (yay! :D) and I am... actually a math major looking to graduate soon from university.

My major is in Applied & Computational Mathematics - a concentration bloated with science, math and CS courses. Also has absolutely nothing to do with art! xD
Well... recently I have discovered that I have an anxiety disorder, and also ADHD so I am trying to find a way to also get myself really motivated again and I have unfortunately lost contact with all of my old friends from university.

One of the things I was suggested was to draw, and so I am really interested in combining that suggestion with trying to make friends. Tragically though, I am completely lost in this process... I have not started drawing but I know what I like. I am not into drawing super detailed work, and I would like to start with cartoon characters first. My hope was that I could make good friends with people online (sort of when I learned my third language on LiveMocha) who are also wanting to learn how to draw.

However.... at first glance, it seems like most popular art sites (eg. DeviantArt, FurAffinity, etc.) are only there for people to UPLOAD art, and not really socialize. Is this true though? Does anybody have any suggestions on websites where I could interactively learn with a bunch of "newbie artists" such as myself, particularly also around the same age as me? I feel a little bit "in the dark," being a Math/CS student and maybe it is really hard to find people online who are as old as me and who don't know a thing about art but want to draw!


PS. I do admit, I could possibly try adding people on listed social media accounts from their DA or FA profile pages, but that sounds rather.... creepy? I could also just simply try to upload my own art and hope that somebody notices it, but it seems also kind of hit-or-miss, and that scares me a little. I also tried to join streams on FA and people have been at a much higher level than me and so it felt a little bit unequal in terms

This is the kind of cartoon art that I love. Note that none of these images are of my own.





and so on... and yeah all are SFW, absolutely kid-friendly, all are 'simple' and cartooney, ie. not too detailed, and yet shows a great deal of expression! :)



Still trying to draw, slowly
Well... on Deviantart, you can always join a group for new artists, and tutorial groups too. You can also add me on there if you really want to.