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Boot up Problems. Help Please!


Nurse Grenade
All of a sudden my laptop "Shut down" but it seemed to have lost all source of power even though it was still plugged in.

After a couple minutes I had power again but it can't boot all the way, dosen't even hit a disk check just goes down again. I tried using Safe Mode [Running Win XP] but same problem...

Any help out there? I don't want to loss my comission files </3


PEBKAC exterminator
There might be a problem with your AC adaptor, or with the motherboard itself. To confirm that, try booting it on a LiveCD - if the same thing happens, then it's not related to your drive/Windows.

Now, if that's the case, don't panic. The laptop may be dying, but that doesn't mean your data is gone. So long as it's not the hard drive that's going, your data will be right where you left it and you can remove the drive and put it into a portable drive box (you can get them for cheap at NewEgg or Tigerdirect) and get any of the data off. Though the Admin in me also needs to point out that you should be backing up important data in the first place. :/


Now with more Writer's Block!
Agreed with above.

Try Knoppix or some other live CD. If no problems, use the live CD to grab your data (on to a flash drive, CD-R, or what have you), then settle in for a Windows re-install.

If still broken, find out if your lappy's still in warranty. If so, by all means, contact them. Just be sure to get your data backed up before you ship out the lappy.

If no warranty, well, time to look into a new compy! To get your data safe, find the screw that holds in your hard drive sled, then take out the drive and grab a cheap external drive encasement (aka sled) that fits your particualar connection.

Now go buy a tablet PC or something.


Sounds like it could also be overheating. Maybe the cooling fan is broken or blocked.


PEBKAC exterminator
Thank You everyone who helped...I will have to go get a blank disk to run the boot program steal my info and wipe it....Sad because I will no longer have Sai </3

Hold on there - who said anything about wiping it? Don't wipe your drive if that isn't the problem. Try the other remedies and investigative stuff suggested first. There's no reason you should have to lose any data unless the drive is failing.