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Bootleg Restaurants


Autumn the Squirrel
Has anyone here been to a bootleg restaurant before? If so, what was the experience like?

Cheese Burger is just a Chinese ripoff of Burger King I think. I don't know what precise location is, so it's likely is in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

Also, I know a bootleg restourant it also on Muar, Johor on Malaysia. It's called AFC, which is called as a ripoff of KFC in Google Maps reviews, but it still one of my childhood thought. I liked AFC French fries, nuggets, fried chicken and as well as potato mash... IT IS SO DELICIOUS!! AFC is better than AFC a bit! :cool::)


Definitely not a lizard
There was this place called american fried chicken near my place. Logo was pretty much bootleg KFC.
I never went, because I saw rats entering and leaving the kitchen area :confused:


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So, you know those images that pop up in your head every now and then that actually surprise you considering you thought you could have easily lived your whole life without having ever conjured them? Just happened to me.

Some guy opening up a trenchcoat on a shady corner trying to sell-off knockoff quarter pounders and whoppers.


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I eat here all the time. It's been here (West Columbia SC) since the 1950's and is not associated with the national chain.