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Bot on FA...


I am legion, for we are many.
Yeap, the situation is under control now.


ケモ ミミガー
the fact that people think it's funny and joke about it makes me feel even less at peace. if this spammer wanted to make me feel unsafe and stressed as fuck, then good for him.
i didn't want to be a bother to anybody and i really don't want to be a joke either.


bitch where
my god to think that one person caused all this just baffles me like the hell man

Kragith Zedrok

Black and Red All Day Long
What the hell is going on, this person has so much time on their hands lol. I hope no personal info was stolen, that could be scary. I have general fear that a DDOS could happen, but since this person made their habits know it could be blocked. Dunno just a general fear.
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