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Bounty artist

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Gimme Back My Post Count!
Oh, sure I could draw something for myself, but, I'd rather draw someone elses Idea.

I'm in a drawing slump, now I'll get better later.

So, bring forth your ideas and you shall be rewarded horribly.

Note: I sketch, but do not ink or colour, you'll have to find someone else for that, or I find my flash drive, and mabye, if I can figure it out more, I'll colour it with gimp.

Soooo, any requests, HUH HUH HUH HUH... HUH!

P.s. Post, story....I won't do commercial characters like so many others, I won't draw yiff for you, only because I'm not yet...something; I won't. I'm welcome to most ideas, I'll shoot you down if I don't like it.
I'm looking for anything, very original.
(Chance of being shot down= 30%)
(Chance of a 8x12 picture= 80%)
(Chance of a 11x14 picture= 40%) Will have higher detail though

Please give a detailed description, in pm, a ref picture isn't recomended, but if you rely want me to draw something like what you want then do give a ref picture.
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The Kaotic Kitsune
Are you any good with reptiles? I have a girl I want done but I have limited resources of how to show her. I can describe her to a detailed point but thats all.

Also I'm a digital liner/colourest. So If you want this to be like a collab it might benifit the both of us. Well regardless of if you can take this, good luck with the requests ^_^
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