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Brag about your fursona!


A lazy fox
No one has ever seen my sona with his eyes open and he always comes back after he's supposed to be dead


The hatred of FAF personified
Damn. Fursona beat.

Can we brag about other people's fursona's?
Fay's imaginary fox-person is awesome.


Crusader for Cute
Highest density fursona.


Crusader for Cute
I dunno, Smeldge's BlockFox is made out of some heavy duty concrete.
The density of concrete is actually lower than that of most rock! Additionally, I believe that BlockFox has a fleshy interior, which would further decrease its overall average density.


She can always pluck out a feather from her coat, stab you multiple times right through your eye sockets, then fly away.

Coyote Club

El Gordito Burrito Bandito
Coyote Club

I think the best part is no one really knows what it is. :v


OsweetJesus I killed the thread XD
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Ice cream is the only way
*Resurrecting it*
My fursona smells like Frankincense paired with myrrh.
If you feed him organic candy he gets 1+ life.
He has this little defense mechanism where he collects all his combustive energy in his feet and shoots off into the sky like a rocket ship, shooting stars flying out from his hooves. As he descends back down to earth he sort of floats down slowly. My fursona is a cartoonish alpaca so he kind of looks like a cloud already.

I understand this was a little weird but I kind of love it.


Self-Appointed FAF Bitchmuffin
My fursona bent the will of the universe against a mary sue... Yeah, I went there. God-tier territory, bitches!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
He won't go bald with age.


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I think mine is unique because I want people to watch him and enjoy him and fail to realise that they will hate him if they ever met him in real life.


Your brain cells are mine
My fursona could quite literally KICK the shit out of you.
He wouldn't lay either of his hands on you.