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Brag about your fursona!


Self-Appointed FAF Bitchmuffin
My fursona could quite literally KICK the shit out of you.
He wouldn't lay either of his hands on you.

So... is the shit literal too, or just the kick? :V Cause if it's literal, I'm sure I know a couple of people who enjoy that kind of stuff. ;3


阴茎 :V
Mine can speak chinese.
(I speak 中文 too)


White Devil
shes a 14 foot tall ball of feathery awesome, also she can sit on her tail like a bar stool so theres that. Oh. And blow up her neck sacks


Its Andrew "Tough Motherfucker" Jackson.

Can't beat that.


you are me, and i am you
My fursona knows how to use every single weapon he get his hands on perfectly, and he also parkours like a champ, plus he has tiger strenght so hes just unbeatable!


Galactic Overlord
Well, I can't exactly say I've seen other ghostly furs roaming around.

...About that, I *really* need to get working on a reference/bio. Procrastination takes over my art most days. =.=