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Bragging fun


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Nothing like talking about that video game where you mercilessly dominated every sibling/friend/ex-friend/co-worker/etc. unfortunate enough to cross your path.

Which game did or do you reign over? Got any stories of rivals, and battle-scars to share?


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Soul Caliber II, back in the day there was a game shop that used to hold weekly tournament after the game came out for about, eh, a 3-4 months. After the first month I wasn't allowed to compete because I won 5 or so tournaments in a row with no round lasting longer than 20 seconds or so. I was not allowed to play in the tournaments, and when playing casual I wasn't allowed to play as Nightmare or Cerevantes.

More recently, when I play TF2 I end up causing team stacks when I play Soldier or spy, and in MvC3U I'm barred from playing Nemesis by most folks I play with. ;_;


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No, I would sooo beat you at 3DS parental controls, like you dont even know man. It gets intense.
Oh. Well I'll take your word for it. Thank you for RIPPING AWAY THE ONE THING I HAD GOING FOR ME! [noparse]:([/noparse]

Weston Wolf

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Oh. Well I'll take your word for it. Thank you for RIPPING AWAY THE ONE THING I HAD GOING FOR ME! [noparse]:([/noparse]
Im sorry man, you will probably have me beat in the 2DS though... I still cant master them parental controls :(

Alastair Snowpaw

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There's nothing like hearing someone talk about how good they are at a game then you trash them. That feeling is way better than any state of bragging I have experienced.
I always doubt my skills and fear every person I fear, that way I play the best I can. This fear was how I able to win all the smash tourneys at my college.
untill you have won a Dreamhack, EVO, or something other worldwide tourney of that scope there will always be someone better than you and when you win one of those everyone wants your head so you can't feel safe. going to tourneys has thought me this lesson quite a fair amount of times.
bragging requires being in a state of mind that breaks really painfully and is not fun to have. It's only luck that it doesn't get broken.

Humility too good.


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There will always be someone better, but there's nothing wrong with bragging a little, if not just for fun. Although, there is such a thing as bragging too much... but only assholes do that. lol


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I've never been in a position to brag. When I first started gaming my cousins would beat me all day long. But with all the insufferable losses I experienced, I was finally able to surpass them. For a while my only competition was my brother, and we would crush our friends at most games. It got to where no one would play with us so we would just have 99 stock smashfests and endless training sessions in Soul Calibur. So many guard breaks. TuT

That all changed however when I went to college. Besides all the other things going on, there was a huge group of students who were much better than I at gaming. There was even a couple of Pokemon tournaments. I literally learned how to play Pokemon at college, which is kinda sad to say because honestly there were better things to be studying at the time. But I guess that's what happens when you go to a club full of gamers and anime buffs.

I'm not a specialist at games like some people are, but I would say that I can adapt rather quickly to whatever I play. Jack of all trades, master of none as they say.


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Honestly the only game it seemed that I was on another level as compared to all my friends was Mario Tennis for N64. Such a random game I know, but really I could 6-0, 6-0 pretty much everyone I knew who played it.


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I'm pretty unbeatable at the Marvel vs Capcom arcade game C: All through my childhood I'd play for hours on single credit taking on all comers or just beating the game over n over. Chun Li/Ryu ftw.


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Interesting thread, never really thought about it, but I would have to agree with Alastair Snowpaw above. I can usually wreck some people on BF4 when I get a good groove going, run and gun FTW


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Hey, a thread where I'm supposed to act like an egotistical arse!

I think it's safe to say I'm pretty dang good as the Demoman on Team Fortress 2.
oh, and I might have killed over 10,200 people with a Strange Loch-n-Load I've only owned for one and a half years.
1v1 me Mge bro ill 420 REK u up m9


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Binding of Isaac.
It's one of the few games I play, and, well..


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I hold the #5 spot on the Worldwide leaderboards for the first stage of Child of Eden on ps3, #8 I believe on 360. Did I do good? :3


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Nice, nice. It always feels good being in the top 50. Top 10 is something to show off.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Doom 3 were my best games, easily. While I do play Brawl "casually" (I love items and whacky stages), I was always told I'm too good to be playing the game the way I do. I wreck all of my friends and I've driven people to improve their game and strategies while I'm over here playing for fun. I've won at a couple tournaments myself, but only small ones.

Doom 3 is somewhat of a different story. I binged on the game when it was released on the original Xbox, and I was in the top 10 multiplayer leaderboards for quite some time. I've heard many raging teenagers and 20-something year-olds through that mic that era. Fun stuff.


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I perfected a yugioh deck once that was unbeaten amongst my friends.

And I've always been really good at Guitar Hero. I never got beaten at that either. I've won tournaments for that.


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I got the Platinum trophy for Dark Souls which you can only get after getting every achievement/trophy in the game. It was honestly not that hard, just very tedious and time-consuming. Those fucking slabs, man.
Yeah, I have it too, not hard, JUST TAKES SOOO LONG.

Batty Krueger

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The original Mortal Kombat, back when it was an arcade game before it came to the Sega Genesis. Though most of you are probably to young or not even a sparkle in your daddys eye to remember. I pissed off so many older kids just completely wooping their asses at any character.