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Brand New


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Hey everybody:D. My name's Kirial and i was just brought into this community by my girlfriend. She surprised me with my own fursona which i fell in love with. Im now trying to explore and learn more about the community.


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Hey there, and welcome! That's a nice surprise to get. Reminds me, I still need a ref sheet, after all these years...

Hope ya have fun here.

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Welcome to the furry fandom, may the great Giant Giraffe be with you *bree*


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Brand new as in pre-owned or factory?

Anyway, welcome!


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Oh the people brought in by their significant others are the sweetest. Anyways fair bit of warning there the forums can get a little political at times. If you want to learn about the community I suggest taking it slow only look in at most every other day maybe. But the forums are filled with for the most part nice & often tolerant people But remember that just because we are all furries we don't all have the same opinion so we will have the occasional flame war.


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Really loving the design of your fursona. I'm still new here, but welcome!!