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So apparently some folks advertise OCs to "breed" with other people's OCs in order to create an offspring that's sort've a hybrid of the two. Has anyone here done that before? What's your opinion on it? I personally think it's a fun idea but it's kind've niche and I don't know how to go about it.

Advice would be appreciated!


profound asshole
i know this has been a trend at several points over the past decade or two, i've always seen it as a neat concept and a cute thing to do with friends. as for it being done with strangers, that i've never really heard of.


Deaf artist
I’ve done this with a good online friend of mine I know for couple of year I used to RP a lot back then. He asked me if I could create an OC as an offspring from our OCs, I was curious to see how that turn out and I’m glad we did cuz Im in love with her. Her name isTalia and she is our OC we can use however we want.

Talia’s ref sheet (NSFW) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15926006/

In my case, he asked me if I’m open to an idea of having my fursona breed (non-con) and I’m fine with that cuz that’s sound like a fun idea. You can always ask if they want their OC breed with your OC. There is no harm in asking.


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Well, I have considered Drake and Lissandra being a canon couple and having their own kids a couple of times. And as a result thought about how their kids would look like. Though I haven't really noticed this being a thing for other people for the most part, possibly due to not paying attention to it.

Would recommend doing this with someone you know and not some random person as this kind of thing should be at least a little personal.