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Bribe me plenty[Closed]


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So I want to boost up my follower count, so I figured I would take on request.

But I am not really a fan of doing something for nothing, so lets be straight forward about this.

I want you to bribe me, fav something I drew (1 point), comment on something I drew(1 point), watch my account(4 points), or even just tell me a funny joke(2 points). I'll account for it, and randomly pick someones request to draw every day or so. The more you bribed me, the less random it will be.

Userpage of Juju-Z -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Art Trades I did:







Finished Request:










If you're interested, please post the following:
Your Characters name
Poses you would like
Backgrounds you would like
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Blair Rhoden

So my bribes are watching you and favoriting all your pics, so 15 if I did my math right
Character name: Gray
References:www.furaffinity.net: Adopt from Asherion ^_^ by Vira_Spartan_711
Pose: Come and get me look with his hands on his hips
Background: up to you
Extra details: I have an nsfw if you need it for better reference, but he is a fox with that color pattern and a bit *fabulous* heh


Got Milk?
Click me for the Text-Reference!

Juju! Hi again! Care to doodle my boi again?~
And if it's possible, make it more like the 2nd style example?
..if that's okay with you!

..and have him in his green apron?

"a funny joke."

I watched you, and liked some stuff, too.
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Hi there! I really love your art style, would you please consider doing y sexy Husky/shibe gal? I think you'd love her.

Bribes: My everlasting love and respect! <3 I will also give you a shoutout on my furaffinity profile, to drive more people to your page. (I also watch/faved you)
Your Characters name: Violette Rainbow
References: www.furaffinity.net: Meet Violette Rainbow! (Ref sheet) by sexyviolette
Poses you would like: Anything fun and sporty. How about her playing tennis? Or another sport of your choice.
Backgrounds you would like: Hm, just anything to match the sport she's playing, if that's cool!
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Bribes: I don't have an exact count but I watched you and favorited a bunch of your stuff and left some comments!
Your Characters name: Lucille
References: Lucille on Toyhouse
Poses you would like: Sort of flying around in circles in the sky?
Backgrounds you would like: A bright sun in a blue sky, please

Thanks for the chance!!!


Bribes: Faved, commented, watched... My joke is: "I have an EpiPen. My friend gave it to me when I was dying, so it seemed very important to him that I have it." (8 pts)
Your Characters name: Pyrrhus
References: Pyrrhus on Toyhouse
Poses you would like: Something that indicates his mischievous personality hehe
Backgrounds you would like: Artist's choice!

Thank you!


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The second best was MadAssistant in the end, so once again, after a small pm,

Just as a reminder, anyone who submitted a request can still do things to add bribery points, I'll be sure to keep track. : D

At the moment, points are even enough (a difference of 2-4 points) that I am going to put names through a randomizer.
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Oh sure! This seems fun
Bribes: I’ve already been watching you and I have one of your posts favorited
Your Characters name: Sly Faelynn
References: www.furaffinity.net: Sly Faelynn Ref Sheet by Zari819

Poses you would like: I would like for him to still have the golden ring/band on his thigh and ribbon curled around his ear. I would also like for him to be on all fours, body turned away from the “camera” a bit (like if the “camera” was south, he would be facing somewhere northeast), with his head turned back to look at the viewer, with his tongue sticking out a bit. Maybe have his front left paw sticking up a little, like if he was walking.

Backgrounds you would like: Anything you feel would fit is fine, really


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I was slowed down a bit by work and by inktober, which I was preparing for. However, Conseqq's is done, and I am just waiting for their approval, once that is posted, rainbowbabe is next.

If anyone else stumbles upon this thread, feel free to make a request, I will still be doing request over inktober.


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First of all, I like your art and that is a fact not compliment
Watching you? Sure why not I enjoy to see new uploads on fa :D
Commenting? Well I can comment right now on everything, I love colorism and your style really reminds me of it
Funny Joke?
Do you know why do I keep my mustache long?

To keep my ears warm during Russian winter! haha!....

*Sad horn Plays*

here you go!
www.furaffinity.net: Eastern Borderlands - COMM by HistoricalyIncorrect


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I am now done with @rainbowbabe 's
www.furaffinity.net: [Request] Violette by Juju-Z

I decided to do @bo! and rainbow's at the same time, but forgot to ask bo something, so only got 1 out of 2. I will be working on theirs, and once that is done, things will have equalized enough that I will pick someone at random.

Wow, so lovely! Awesome job! Do you mind if I upload it to my FA page? I will give you full credit and link to your profile. And thanks again for the awesome art!