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bring my character concept to life!


yes, everything is still open! i am in love with all of the styles and offers i've been presented with! i'll keep this open for a couple more days and then make my decision <3


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Hi! I'm interested!
Here are my prices for reference sheet commission!

Recently, I've done a character reference sheet based off only a textual description! Here is the result

I've never drawn an axolotl, but it would be an interesting thing to try :)
Contact me via note system if you are interested!
I must admit I never drew an Axolotl before however they are interesting looking creatures so I wish to try. An anthro one sounds like it'll be fun if you're interested.

Artwork Gallery for GIGA-XISBASS -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My examples can all be found here. While my commission sheet is here. My prices are flexible as well too so we can work something out if necessary.
I love designing characters, so I'd love to help you out with this! It would be a lot of fun to work with you on this. I have no problems working off a textual reference and I could work closely with you on the design. In fact, I will be spending the next two days streaming commissions, and I wouldn't mind working with you in a stream so that I can get the design just right! I charge $20 for a full body colored sketch, and $40 for a clean flat-colored full body image. My reference sheets start at $45 for the first full body pose, with an additional $35 for each other full body pose, but I would be willing to work with you on the prices for my artwork to better stay within your budget. Here are all of my prices and the types of artwork I offer, as well as all my contact information: Trello




You can find even more examples on my FurAffinity, DeviantART, and Twitter, all found in the link above! Best of luck in finding an artist, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. ^^


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Hey there! I'm currently accepting commissions, and would love to do some work for you! I have no problems working from text descriptions, so that wont be any problem.

Here are various links to my DA Stash, FA Gallery, and Art Blog.

Here are my prices within your budget, and I'll pop some further examples below. Please let me know how you feel owo/

Sketches $8 - $16.50
Flats $16.50 - $23
Shaded Pieces $23 - $27
Chibi $8 - $16.50
Background Piece $40 - $55
Tiled Background $20+
Reference Sheet $35+

I am very interested in designing this character for you! I often stream work for my commissioners, If that is not something you enjoy, I also am very good at sending WIPS and keeping my commissioners in the loop about their commissions. I have many examples of my art on my FA, along with my prices. My FA gallery If you are interested please note me there or here! I hope you find the perfect person to design this character for you!


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I would be interested to design something for you. Here's a couple of drawing i have done, some older ones and some recent ones :)

my own armor design

my own character design
pencil drawing

sketching tmnt characters

random 6 eyes verom refine sketch.



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On my FA my reference sheet commissions are currently open! My FA is new, so if interested feel free to pm me on there or here if interested. I can also privately show you my deviantart account which is completely SFW, but has the majority of my art. I rather not publicly state it as I rather keep my reputation SFW there and have no public links to it. <3

I can make SFW or NSFW!

Commission Info for harmless-shark -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Hello! If you are still looking for an artists I would be interested in doing an illustration of your character! Here is my commission sheet with examples and prices of my art!
Thanks for the consideration :^)


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Lemme just start with I LOVE AXOLOTLS AHH!!

Most of my commissions were actually referenced only using text! Usually for text descriptions I'll stream my process, that way I have live feedback. But I've also just used a text description and drew it in my own time.

I currently do 2 types of refs; a simple one for $25, complicated for $30. Simple ones come with 1.5 poses, and complicated come with 2 as well as 3 emotion heads.

I also do chibis and badges!

All in all, good luck choosing! Always nice to see a unique fursona species :)


thread closed! thank you all very much for your interest. an artist has been messaged to handle this piece for me <3


Hello! I am not sure if you found someone yet, but just in case ^^

I also have Flat colors for $15 but they aren't listed on this sheet XD



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Hello! Here are my commission details! I'm experienced in drawing characters of all sorts and I've brought quite a few to life based on written descriptions. You can see my past commission work here!

You can contact me through here, my art tumblr or my email (dokgilda[at]gmail.com)


*Prices are in USD;
*I can do full color or limited palette;
*I won’t start the commission until I get payment through Paypal. I’ll send an invoice!
*I can send the finalized picture along with its SAI/PSD file and/or the video of the art process at your request;
*Extra characters are an extra 50% of the cost of the commission;
*You can pick between a simple color background or a white (or transparent) background at no cost;
*Feel free to send me any questions you might have!
*More information is available here.

I mainly draw:

Animals/monsters (including Pokemon)

To see more of my stuff:
Furaffinity | Art Tumblr | Deviantart