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Bristle's Digital Commission


It's right about that time for me to open up commissions.

Commissions will take roughly a day or so to do, and will be done in the order of acceptance.

I am currently only taking USD through paypal as payment. And require it BEFORE work starts.

Please send me a PM with references to what you want drawn (the more you give, the clearer the image I can get.), and I will give to you my Paypal address when I have accepted your terms.

Sketched bust shots:
$7 per

Sketched Fullbody: $15

Lined/Flats Fullbody: $30 per

The bust shot will be anywhere between the top of the head and the bottom of the ribcage, depending on where the clothes/details end and what flows the best. Can also be gradiented any color you'd like, just ask.

Will Do's

Original Characters
Fanart of Canon Characters
Furries and Anthros
Grotesque Characters
Characters of any age
Couple shots (Double the price)
Mild Intercourse

Will Not Do's
Mecha (straight lines are not friends of mine.)
Hard Porn/Fetish

Extra rules:
Let's say you're not an artist, but a writer, or just a fan of art and don't have a great reference of the character you want drawn. A detailed description of the person, with as many online source pictures as you can muster is required for me to accept. If I cannot get a clear idea of the character in question, then I will not be able to fully accept your commission.

Please also mention to me bits about the personality of all commissioned pieces. I can better draw the facial expressions and make them all different and unique if I know who the person behind the art really is.

Currently unlimited

1: Zeddish -Done- link

Other places to find my commission info:
dA: http://bristlefurr.deviantart.com/j.....rnal/42420868/
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2552680/

Feel free to PM/Message/Note me anywhere.
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I'll take one. Let me get some references together. :D