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Are Bronies Furries?

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 29.8%
  • No

    Votes: 20 42.6%
  • Ur mum lol

    Votes: 13 27.7%

  • Total voters


A-veri Rood Roo
I think there’s a gray area. Technically I think they are at least a subset, just like the lion king or warriors cats fandoms. However it’s a label. You don’t have to call yourself what you don’t want to.

*pushes boxes of pony toys out of the way*

Pathetic, I use to have the cards during the dark times years ago!


Disclaimer: this video is funny. Please don't be offended by it, bronies are fine by me and I share servers and such with them. Can't really stand MLP yiff, tho.



Active Member
I actually hung out with a lot of Bronies in the past when I needed a Teamspeak Server and people to play League of Legends with (back in Season 2). It was one of those times I got scared by the actualy gamer forums so I just googled League of Legends Forum Casual Teamspeak and ended up registering for Bronies.de despite never seeing an episode ;)

But yeah Bronies have definitely changed. Most of the people who were in the fandom back then abbandoned it by now, but we still hang out occasionally. But the community made this insane shift around the Pony movie where they are "Humans". There were so many arguments and the end result was an oppressive safe-space-Y community, where people got permabans from the teamspeak server for having an ahegao picture as an avatar.
But one thing I also noticed is how they, under no circumstances, want to be compared to Furries. They have their own fan and convention culture, aswell as Forum culture. Basically on a social level they are very different from Furries, especially if you take into account the 2 key-things that differentiate Furries from that fandom. A self-made Fursona and Fursuiting. Sure, not every Furry has to do those, but they are integral to the "social" style of the Furries and My Little Ponies OC's and Fanart are more in line with the Sonic Fandom.
I don't really want to offend any Furries, but I loved those people and suddenly everything changed seemingly overnight, to the point where the second brony con I went to after the "change" was miserable, we all left early and went to a Casino.
Also their circlejerk in the art community is even more brutal then here or in the Sonic Fandom.


Mad lonely Bastard
Bronies aren't furries
Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animals. Bronies are fans of MLP:FiM. Liking a cartoon doesn't mean you're a fan of anthropomorphic animals in general, even if the cartoon features animal characters.
Also Fluttershy is best pone
....yeah.....about that.......


2012 was the year of the bronys tbh
I remember seeing so much of them on servers and such

Edit im sorry was it bronies???


I mean I ran a MLP OC ask blog for like two years and look where that got me.


What's wrong with My-

Ahem, bronies must be stopped at all costs. I can't believe they still haven't found a cure.

*burns evidence*
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Xavier Fox

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I'm not going to lie.
I may be a furry and have a thing for foxes, but guys liking my little pony is a tad odd IMO.
It was a cartoon show for little girls.


The Real Wheels of Steel
After observing both communities from the inside, I came to the conclusion that both fandoms sit on opposite sides of a one-way window, with bronies on the side that only shows a mirror. Even though some on the furry (can see through the glass) side can see both collections of fans and conclude both fandoms are (or should be ) one and the same, I've always pointed out that most bronies are where they are out of an admiration of the MLP:FiM series and the way it is handled by its showrunners, not because the main characters are anthropomorphic. Myself, I have no problem with them considering themselves seperate--they didn't come to the show through this fandom.

In an alternate timeline where the My Little Pony franchise never existed, a show comprised of the same characters, setting and stories, but using appealingy-stylized human characters (such as the Equestria Girls designs) would likely garner a similarly devoted fanbase, absent the involvement of furries since such a show wouldn't register on their radar.



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Eh. Liking ponies doesn’t make one a furry.

Doesn’t mean they can’t be furries, but just liking the show just makes you a Brony.

I used to be one. It was really great back when it first started, but then the neckbeards attacked.

I remember when bronies and furries like hated each other or some shit like that lol.


The cat's mother.
I watched MLP for a while... I've lost interest in it lately, but some bronies did some pretty neat stuff back in the golden age of the Brony-fandom.

^^^ I still love this song.