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Brothers or sisters in the fandom?

Any of you guys have brothers or sisters who are also furries? I don't have any who are, just the thought came to me and I thought I'd ask out of curiosity.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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got a sibling.

also some of my kids.


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I am the sibling in the fandom. I don't even know if my siblings know what furries are XD


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My sister is "furry friendly" and knows well about me being active in the fandom etc. She's not much into the whole thing herself, but if she was, she said she'd be a spotted yeen.


Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN


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i'm the only furry in my family. my brother used to be a furry too when he was younger but now he just makes fun of me for it :[
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My brother has been into the furry fandom since the internet was just a bunch of BBSs. I remember him having friends that mailed him art and underground furry comics. He is 7 years old than me and I would snoop through his stuff when he wasn't there because had all the cool stuff in my eyes. I didn't realize until too late that a lot of those furry comics were adult oriented - ruined me forever I suppose!


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My brother is one of my best friends, but we are extremely different people. I simply couldn't imagine how I'd react if he was a Furry.


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Can't say I have any furry relatives that I know of here. I do know a fur who has two sons, both of whom are also furries...which I always found kinda funny : ) And it's the sons, who got the father into the fandom.


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Quite the opposite, my sister is anti-furry and frequently talks about how her friend group laughs at another friend who used to be a furry then "came to their senses". She also knows I have an art account and really wants to find it. Yeah, let's not! I'm not dealing with that mess.

Jackpot Raccuki

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Nope, there can only be one fluffy boi.
This family is not big enough for more than one fluffy boi.

My little bro is not only anti furry but also a furry HUNTER
Does that mean you have the right to devour him like an animal? After all fair is fair, it’s why hunters need their weapons.


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Nope, and glad they don't know about the existence of the fandom.


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He definitely knows what furries are but I doubt he's one. He might suspect I am, though, but has never brought it up.


My siblings aren't, but my mom likes anthropomorphic animals and her art style is similar to mine. Not quite the same as being a furry, but that's probably where I got the mutant furry gene from.


Yes, I have a twin who is a furry as well. We're both artists too so it definitely makes living together much more fun; idk of other people who see something cool on FA and immediately turn around and show it to their sibling.

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Oh god I hope not, there are already enough dysfunctional people in my family.