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Bruder the Serval


Name/nicknames: Bruder Cheerwine, also goes by: Bruderp, Brudurrrrrr, Bro, Brother, Sibling, Rainbro, Brodo, Broseph, Broski, Broseidon, Brokemon, Bro-back Mountain, Brodo Faggins, etc
Age: 19
Sex: Manly man man
Species: Satellite-eared Spottycat (Serval)
Height/weight: average n shit

Appearance: Spotty and speckled and brindly
-Hair and fur: Rusty brown topcoat, coffee with milk colored underside, dark brown spots/brindle/accents
-Markings: Just wait for the picture because text cannot explain them, trust me
-Other feathers: pink paw pads/nose/tongue, mostly symmetrical markings, slight overbite so sometimes his fangs are pretty visible.

~Personality and crap~: Nerdy in the sense he spends a lot of time doing nerdy things, like playing video games, eating unhealthy food, and lazing around, but not nerdy in the sense that he's not very knowledgeable about what he's doing. Often dazed and spaced out, in its natural habitat the Bruder is known to consume large amounts of caffeine and critique horror novels/images/movies on the internet when bored. The Bruder only gets angry as a reaction to being berated for not knowing things and then spirals into depression, drinking even more caffeine and going through depressed-to-manic stages fairly quickly.
Thankfully he is usually silly, laid back, a little bit of an airhead, but overall a decent guy. People like to come to him for advice and he still cannot figure out why seeing as though he has some impressive life experience, his motives and methods are questionable.
Don't call him lazy or he will start singing the K-On! ending theme.

Skills: Occasionally his minimalism style of humor gets a few hits, knows a bit about some weird niche interests like dollmaking, horror manga, has some general medical knowledge, knows a ~lil bit~ too much about death & decay, and pretty much is a jack of all trades.
Weaknesses: Being a jack of all trades (that won't get you to college young man!), being tactless at times, awkwardness, inability to fight (would rather run and hide), HIS KRYPTONITE IS CHEERWINE AND PEANUT BUTTER SHHH

Likes: Anything that strikes his fancy. This can be anything from BJDs to video game glitches to taxidermy to My Little Pony. His likes shift depending simply on mood.
His consistent likes are cute animals, music, curling up in a comfy place, and certain food and drinks.
Dislikes: Intense hatred or anger towards anything unless in jest, black and white thinking, being embarrassed or humiliated, and tissue paper *shakes fist*

History: My daddy left home when I was three
And he didn't leave much to ma and me
Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze.
Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left, he went and named me some faggy ass German name. Come on, dad.

~~~~~I'm Unique~~~~~

Clothing: Uhhhhh casual I guess? Hip-hugging jeans and boxer-briefs, wurd
show off dem hips

Goal: Become the final boss of the internet
Profession: Which game are we referring to?
Personal quote: "Riots riots everywhere but not a single Hayley Williams" along with other slightly creepy catchphrases. You pull his string and he just says the same things as a Furby.
Theme song:

Birthdate: 9/25

goddammit i don't want to do the favorites thing

Significant other: a pretty pink weasel
Orientation: wibbly-wobbly


100% organic vegan hubbas
Broski McFaggotwine. <3

Servals are so adorable, I could die just looking at them.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
I like this idea. At least this is original idea and not those generic ones.
Serval sounds so close to sergal anyways :V


Broski McFaggotwine. <3

Servals are so adorable, I could die just looking at them.
I like this idea. At least this is original idea and not those generic ones.
Serval sounds so close to sergal anyways :V
Pffft my kittycat is nothing like your kittywolfraptorcathing
Well, it's a serval with a name pretty close to 'Brody', which is pretty cool.
Brody is the anticool of names D: