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Buckram and Cheesecloth Eyes.


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I decided to try the "follow me eyes" method on my crow head, and I've heard some people say that they use buckram or cheesecloth for the eyes.

As far as adding the iris and pupil, I am considering using Sharpies or Prismacolor markers, but I don't want to go buy these materials only to have the markers bleed on the fabric. Does anyone have any experience with these materials?


I iZ AwZuMm
I personally dont have any idea how good buckram is but cheesecloth is too thick. Well to hard to see through. But I was told that its the material that they use on the underside of your bed's boxspring. I dont know if thats true but it is hard to see through even when stretched out some.


i recently upgraded my irises to buckram with prismamarkers.
turned out great, have fun.