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Hey everybody! I'm a little bit tight on cash rn, so I've decided it's about time for me to get back into selling my art!

Time taken to finish things all depends on complexity, but at the very most, orders will usually take 2 to 2 1/2 weeks at the very most to get finished. (Depending on how booked I am with orders, as well!)

About Me

I'm a student currently on break from school, hoping to go into animation or illustration when I have time to finally head back! I've always had a passion for drawing, and have been interested in character design and unusual creatures since I was very young. They're mostly where my interests lie, but all animals have always been very fascinating to me.

What Are You Offering?

At this very moment, everything I do will either be traditional or pixel art, seeing as my tablet is currently out of order. (Poor thing was ancient, I knew it would go out, but I'm still sad to see it go.)

Sometime in the near future, when I can afford it, I fully intend on getting a sticker-printing machine, as well as a button-maker. Those will be added for sale here when I can afford to get them!

What Will I Draw?

There's not a whole lot of things I won't draw, actually! I do have a special place in my heart for monsters and feral animals, though, so those will get an extra bit of love in their art. <:

I can do humans, anthros, chibis, monsters, as well as other creatures!

I will do NSFW, but discussion beforehand about the details of such would be much preferred.

I can do some gore, depending on what it is. I can provide details about what I can do with that if anyone's interested.

Now, Onto the Stuff I Won't Draw

-NSFW art of any variety depicting underage/minors

-Particular fetishes (scat, lolicon, noncon, omorashi/watersports, etc.)

(Ask about things not listed, just in case they cross the line of comfort!)

Examples + Price Guide
(Prices Vary Depending on Complexity)

Sketches: $5-$10


(More examples here)
(Commission's photo quality will be exponentially better)

Headshots: $5-$15

Chibis: $5-$8

50x50 Pixel Icons: $5 (for two icons)

(More examples here)

75x75 Pixel Icons: $5

(More examples here)

Small Static Pixels: $5-$10

Small Animated Pixels: $8-$12

Large Static Pixels: $10-$20

Large Animated Pixels: $10-$25

Pokemon G/S/C Style Pixels: $5 (for two pixels)

Undertale Style Pixels/Scenes: $10

(I also will do ref sheets, but have no recent examples of any)

To place an order, feel free to comment here, or shoot me a note on FA (budgieking) or DA (biosocks), and if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them! <: Thank you so much for reading!