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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Buff Zebras Adopts [25$ SB 2/3 Open]


angsty uwu
Find them on FA [NSFW]:

SB: 25$
MI: 2$
AB: 50$
AB 2: 85$ + Outfit or Colored Sketch (SFW/NSFW)

Black Zebra: AB2
Blonde Zebra: SB
Quagga Zebra: SB

TOS and Information:

- You get a version with transparent background, full resolution and both versions after buying
- After buying you can use for anything you want, change design, alter, change gender, details, etc.
- Please credit
- After buying you can sell for any price/currency you want, trade and gift
- Reply in chain
- base by Saterina
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