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Hey, everyone!

I’m an animation and illustration student with an interest in furs, but I haven’t actually drawn any in several years. I want to start offering commissions on this site at prices fitting my current level of skill and training, so I need to have legit pieces to use for self-advertisement. If any of you have been dreaming of buying an illustration, I’d like to hear your concept! I’ll do it for free and make it available to you, but in exchange, I’ll retain the right to use it as advertisement for my future commissions. (I can put your name on it with ‘concept by,’ though.)

I only plan on doing one major illustration, or a few simpler ones (say, basic pose OC) in a variety of styles, so please don’t be upset if I don’t choose your request. It will help me most (and will make it more likely that yours will be chosen), if you specify what kind of style you want it in, or pose, or level of detail and color, etc. reference an artist you love if you want- I’m pretty good with any style. I’m also considering doing a gif animation, if possible.

Excited to see what you guys are interested in, and thank you to anyone who wants to help!


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What would you think about something involving a dragon? Or is this an anthros only kind of deal?
www.furaffinity.net: Jarren Reference Sheet by Jarren_Ironclaw
If it's on the table, I've got an idea of something along the lines of him stalking toward the "viewer" through some undergrowth/a rocky escarpment or something of that sort. Eyes fixed on his target, crouched low and ready to pounce. Anything ranging from stylized to realistic is fine for the style.

Also, as an aside, if you have examples of what your style is like, you'll probably snag a few more requests from people if you have some examples posted here. Anywho, thanks for the opportunity and best of luck finding an idea that strikes your fancy!


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I'll toss my hat into the ring
www.furaffinity.net: Sonia (Fursona, Deer/Raccoon) by SoniatheSquishy
I'd like to see her in a cartoon-ier style, maybe excitedly waving, I feel like it doesn't need to be overly detailed given she is a very cartoony character in nature!
And seconding the "if you have any examples you might be able to attract more people" train


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If you’ll consider him, here’s my primary sona, Miridae (also goes by Felis, but that’s more of a nickname).
If you happen to choose him, having him in a fighting stance with his signature ability - Aurafire, a blue flame that covers his fists and body - activated in some way would look really rad!
You could definitely do a gif of him too, it’s all your preference!
Thank you for your consideration!!!


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