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Building up my FA



Hello guys
Not sure if this is the correct area of the forum to ask this, if not pls move the thread.

So I am planning to use FA as my main site to publish art stuff since instagram is pretty dumb and the algorithm is fucked.

Yea so any advice how to build up like my FA site? No needs better wording.

How I can attract more people?
What I know is to interact with other artists and stuff.

Can someone who uses FA really long and is successful there tell me their lil secret ;)

It would really snatch my wig :D



The Real Wheels of Steel
Persistance pays off. (start with posting a link to your gallery. Or even make it part of your forum signature.)

Post on a fairly predictable basis, whatever your output can keep up with. The thing with FA is that unlike Instagram, there is a much larger proportion of content creators in the membership here (DIY is kind-of a feature of this fandom), even though the majority of accounts are most likely non-artists. So there's competition, and lots of it. Even so, there is a modest number of artists here who have managed to acquire four-figure watcher counts in as little as two-ish years (it took me ten).

If you browse around the galleries of what appear to you to be upper-tier artists with seemingly large watcher numbers in a relatively short time (it's not that common a thing) since joining FA--their join date is at the top of their homepage--you might try asking them if they have any idea how they attracted such a following. I'd look at their comments made vs comments recieved numbers on their homepage to gauge your chances of getting an answer. This is, of course assuming that they don't already post to every site under the sun, and that their galleries don't indicate the likely answers are "lots of porn"and/or "catering to a specific fetish".