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Bumble-taur OC auction

Umai Kitsune

New Member
www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Rusty Patched Bumblebee taur adopt by UmaiKitsune

A lovely bumblebee designed for endangered species awareness.

SB: $25

MB: $2

AB: --

>>If it hits $45 I'll include a bust shot, if it hits $60 I'll make and mail out an acrylic charm themed to match her. C:

Auction ends 24 hours after the last winning bid. Please place all bids on the main page, not here.

Owner will receive the unwatermarked version. PayPal only. All art is mine. C:

Rusty Patched Bumblebee
"Bombus affinis"

•A recent addition to the endangered list (as of January 10Th, 2017), it is the first wild bee in the 48 continental united states to be given this status, preceded in September 2016 by 7 varieties of bee native to Hawai'i.

•They currently hold the status of CR (Critical) due to their territory in the eastern states dropping from 28 to 13 states and an overall population decline of 90% since 1990.

•Of the 3000 bee species in the unites states, only 40 belong to the genus "bombus"--true bumble bees
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