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So all my Socal/San Jose fur friends can stop nagging me about this...

Yes, I finally joined. Congratulations, the rock from the cave I've been living in has been removed and I now have a fur affinity account.

For those who don't know me... I'm Bun Bun... You may have met me at Furcon, Califur, or Rainfurrest. For those from BC, I've been known to frequent around Ravenwood's household, for I'm Sabertooth's mate. I have been known to frequent Bellfurs, Pancing Skiltare, and Fullifur.

I live in Southern California, and started studying diagnostic medical sonography after I figured out my BA in Theater Arts was excellent toilet paper when it came to paying off my student loans, and having a "real" job. I am an avid reader, musician, and writer. I enjoy making art, crafty things, and cooking. I recently discovered how fun shooting guns can be. I love board games, card games, and karaoke.

Hablo espanol uno poquito.

Well peace and love to all you furries out there. God bless.


The hell am I reading, here?


Not to be takin Seriously
BunBun welcome to our wonderful community :D!!

Hey Metal skunk I think my straightjacket is coming loose again!!


Welcome, bunbun. Voulez-vous un Cinnabon?


How I got the nickname... I once was a Horsemon in SCA. . . My sponsor needed a knife, and I happened to hand him one of my rather large ones for cutting rope of various natures for theater work...I produced the blade to which he responded "She's so cute just like Bun Bun!"

Sluggy Freelance reference mates. Look it up... Yup cute and deadly!