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(Base/YCH) Selling: Bunch of Animated YCH in the range $30-50



Selling slots for the featured YCH for now~
Any species, any gender. Horns, wings and etc include in the price.

#1 YCH Snowball

Unlimited slots for now
Fix Price: $30
Any outfit for +5$

#2 YCH "Bed StarSky"

1 slot for now
Fix Price: $50

#3 YCH Shibari
2 slots for now

Fix Price:
$30 - Static version
$50 - Animated version

(It will be a little move of legs, arms, head, little wiggle of tits, maybe some face expression like blinking, winking.)

Animated version on furaffinity:
YCH Snowball
YCH "Bed StarSky"
YCH Shibari
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