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Bundle Auction - $5 starting bid, $1000+ value


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This auction is now LIVE!


I'm no longer able to store any of these, so I've decided to auction off my ENTIRE PORTFOLIO of work. This bundle includes:

- 12 5.5"x8.5" mini prints
- 1 signed art and short story book (Nix Nought Nothing)
- 33 display prints (used)
- 5 small original pen and ink / watercolor paintings
- 67 8.5"x11" art prints in a sleeved binder


All 60 of the full size (8.5"x11") prints are in the binder, in protective plastic sleeves. They are very easy to remove and/or reorganize. There are a couple prints that have multiples. The sample image has only a small number of the images included in this bundle, there were WAY too many to show! For a better idea of what may be included, you can check out my gallery on FA --> here! <--

Nix Nought Nothing is a signed, 35 page, limited edition art book. The back reads: "A portfolio of classy and fun lingerie illustrations in the style of classic 1950's Pin-Ups. Includes insert stories and one-shots based on the illustrations and original characters featured within."

Unlike the pristine prints in the binder, the 33 display prints included have been used in my actual display at conventions. Therefore they have some wear and tear, as well as small holes in all four corners (they were all hanging!). Other than that, they are the same as the 8.5"x11" prints.

There is no minimum/reserve for this auction! As I said, I'm no longer able to hold on to these, so even if the whole thing goes for $10 I'll be happy to give them to someone who will love it =)

*There are some prints with tasteful nudity
** I will ship internationally. Domestic shipping is $9 , International is $18
---> AUCTION LINK <---


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The auction is on it's last two days!
There are now also 2 individual art book auctions as well, for those that can't quite afford the full portfolio. Starting bids are $5, with free shipping worldwide.
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