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Bust and Full Body Commissions Open


The Conmarten
Looking to make a bit of cash before graduation in case I don't have a job lined up for after by the time May rolls around. So, I've been open for commissions for a while, but I thought I'd finally advertise on the forums. If you're interested, please message me here or note me with a reference and an idea for what you'd like. My full commission information can be found HERE. I'll be taking up to five commissions at a time. If the queue reaches capacity, I'll make a note here.

Sketch (Full Body) - $10 (+$5 for each extra character)

[X] [X]

Full Color Digital (Bust) - $15

[X] [X]

Full Color Digital (Full Color) - $30 (+$10 for each extra character)

[X] [X]

I especially love doing couples pics, whether they be romantic or platonic. I normally charge extra for a medium-to-complex background, but for the time being, I will offer these free with any full color digital couples pic.

[X] [X]