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(Commission) Selling: Bust & Mini Scene Commissions $15 [OPEN]


As I'm still working on improving my art, I'll only be doing bust/half body commissions. :)
All art will come with an optional simple background, if not a detailed background. All art comes fully shaded. You will receive a file with and without the background.​

simple background, detailed background, mini scene with simple background


You can find older examples here.

Bust: $10 USD
+ Detailed background: $3 USD
+ Extra character: $8 USD each
Mini scene: $13 USD
+ Detailed background: $5 USD
+ Extra character: $8 USD each

I can draw most species and am willing to give any closed/open species a go, just ask.
I can also do mini scenes such as the example above on the right, as long as there is only the waist up showing.

Please do not edit/trace/change my art in any way.
Do not remove my signature.
Please credit me.
Do not reupload my art.
No refunds on completed pieces, partial refund if incomplete depending on how much work I've done.
If you post my art on a character's TH profile, please credit my TH account.

Other places you can find me:
DA: Tekae | DeviantArt
TH: Tatsuo on Toyhouse
CS: Login - Chicken Smoothie
Furaffinity: Userpage of choloute -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
Good art mate.
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Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
No problemö, wish I could draw too...