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(Commission) Selling: Busts & Chibis


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Hello and welcome!

I'm selling the following 2 types of commissions :

Bust – A portrait of your character from the neck or shoulders up. Regular style. Accessories, wings, manes are included if desired.
• Price $15.00
• Add Shading/colored lineart + $5.00
• Add Simple Background + $5.00
• NSFW option + $10.00
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Bright star.png


Chibi – A simplified version of your character. Very toonish and stylized, markings and accessories will be simplified. Most images will be 300 pixels at height or width. No shading or colored lineart.
• Price $8.00
• Limit 4 per transaction
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By ordering from me you agree to my TOS - https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9994834

Payment will be invoiced through paypal - USD
You may comment below, note me on FA - Tinseni, or Message me on Discord - Shiru#3225
I like to be transparent with my workload and you can find a queue of my commission projects on FA.

I will eventually have more types of commissions available to you, but I am waiting until I can show more examples of my work. If you are interested in another form of commission, I am open to communication and willing to look at all offers.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you!