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(Other) Selling: Buy a $20 refsheet, get 3 FREE stickers($12 value)

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
Hey guys, I'm trying to get caught up financially, so I'm opening my refsheet comms! I'm willing to work with most designs.

I'm also offering 3 slots for this! It's a total value of $32.

You can see my older refsheets here:
Artwork Gallery for Asherion -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And my stickers, here:
Add sticker set Grey's Examples Pack on Telegram

As always, I have limitations and may increase prices for complicated species, frequent re-drawing, etc. But I'm fairly lenient ^^

You can comment/DM here, or contact me on discord(Asher#7363)/Telegram(Asher_Grey)