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Buy ticket. Win lotto. Get $10M. What do?


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Sack half of it away in a savings account until I found some good investments (likely property/land or tech of some kind). $1mil to each parent. Tour Europe and the Himalayan regions of Asia, probably some of Russia too. Then maybe set up a non-profit of some sort to work with people in less infrastructurally sound areas of the US, or maybe start repurposing derelict buildings as housing/low rent business space.


Putting that money in a savings account long-term is probably a bad idea since it would just be eroded by inflation each year. Instead, investing that money so that the money is put into productive use is a much better idea.

In 50 years, disregarding any interest rate income and assuming inflation averaged around 3%, then that $10 million would buy you about as much as $2 million does in todays money.


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Pay off debts. Buy out of my apartment lease. Buy house. Buy school tuition for two years. Pay for food/travel/expenses for two years just focusing on school only.

Get a job, get surgery, save the rest and donate the other half


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No kidding. I went to university(and didn't even finish it) and ended up with a $10k debt, which I am now paying off. I have about $6,100 left on it. It's not that bad, but I could be using the $120 I pay a month on something else.. :p
Mines like... 20k

And that was just one year. :/

Same...I got stuck with a damn student loan with a degree I didnt even finish. (About ~$7,000 but still). Now Im stuck here minimum wage wanting to try to go back to college and ACTUALLY FINISH and hope I make use of the damn student loan debt I'm going to get into for once.

Fuck student loans and fuck the world.

Sometimes I want to go back to the medieval age where you train under and master for life in a skill or trade and become an expert in the field by going hands on into it. Not jump through so many damn hoops and regurgitate information before you even touch the job skill you want to master.

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Freak the fuck out because everything horrible that has happened during my lifetime was just made worth it cuz 10M #HOLLA


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Pay bills and update my house. Probably put some in bonds.
Also having thought of this before, if they require you to do public claiming, I’m totally wearing a fursuit.

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Posted an answer to something like this recently, so I think I'll come up with a shorter version...

After taxes and other stuff, put it in things that gather interest and probably be able to live off just proceeds for the rest of my days.

I am tempted to invest it in something that gets me even more and then work on renovating a lot of the more dilapidated parts of my hometown, though. If things go really well, maybe even an arcade! I don't know if I can pull off 600+ machines, but certainly some serious variety in any case.

I know I originally revised for bodyguards/protection on hearing from some folks in less safe countries, but on actually bringing up that idea with others... the real answer, at least where I am, is to not flaunt the wealth too hard. If I wind up reaching 10 figures (so over a billion) with the investments though? Yeah, definite bodyguards as you're probably a constant target no matter what by then.


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Realistically I guess I'd kinda be obligated to donate a chunk to charity first, since I just won the money by random chance- so it may as well do some good rather than just go towards buying me silk handkerchiefs! x3


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Huh, things I'd buy: (assuming the $10 million is after taxes)

An historic row-house in Bolton Hill, Baltimore, Maryland, so I could live there part of the year: $600,000
Furnishings, Art & Decor for the above: $200,000
An unobtrusive arts and crafts style cabin on a lake in Petoskey, Michigan: $500,000
Furnishings, Art & decor for the above: $200,000
One Alfa Romeo Coupe, One Volvo Station Wagon, new: $100,000

for a total of $1,600,000


I'd establish a scholarship for high school, students wanting to study arts, literature and the humanities, fields I think are sorely neglected in today's STEM crazy world; the interest from an endowment of $2,000,000 will go towards helping the most suitable and needy candidates to apply.

I can see another $400,000 going to various charities and environmental causes; the remaining $6 million I'd save, and decide what to do with later.

Also, I'd have a keen eye on what artworks I might donate to museums, should I manage to amass anything of a collection, and continue to look at ways to fund emerging artists and writers.

Thus are my ambitions as Simo S.Skunk; Philanthropist, Socialite and Patron of the Arts.

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I'll necro more threads if I won 10 Million American Dollar USD $$$


Realistically? Cut off all contact with people and try my best to disappear. There's a guy in my state who won the lottery 18 years ago and people wouldn't leave his family alone. That, combined with his own poor decisions, resulted in lost lives within his family, break ins, and other nonsense.

People think they'd be able to spend oodles of cash without problems. Unfortunately, people would turn on me for having such an outrageous cash flow. The same would go for a lot of people who won $10 million.


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Get my mom a new home and all the medical care she needs. That's #1
Then I'll take care of my small circle of friends.
Throw a million into child cancer research.
Use the last few million for myself. Probably bank one million in a high interest account.
Make sure I can be a philanthropist for the rest of my natural life.

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Save an endangered species that I have fallen in love with

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I've actually thought about this for fun. Honestly, my bank has great interest rates every year, so I would take probably 1 mil, buy a house big enough for the wife and I in the country, pay off debts, take a vacation and throw the rest in savings. Basically, the first year would net an extra 3.5 mil, and just let it keep accruing.

The only other thing I would do would build a second house on the land after a couple years for my parents who deserve to retire and just do what they love every day without worry. My wife an I don't care about fancy things, but I would make sure that when we have kids, they wouldn't have to worry about paying for college or anything.

Honestly, we just want to never have to worry about bills, food, or the necessities in life. We are very simple people, haha.


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Depending if it's a lump sum or the yearly payments and after taxes...

-Put 1/4ths in an Investment fund.
-Pay off some debt
-Move down to Mexico near the border
-Enjoy life while paying for bills and other necessities.