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Buy ticket. Win lotto. Get $10M. What do?


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But enough land to keep everyone away from me, build house and live in peace.


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Pay off my student loan, save some for a house (reasonable, nothing that my husband and I don't need), buy a new car, commission a ton of artists, go on a month-long vacation. I don't know if I would quit work since I actually like my job lol


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I want to buy the local mall and turn it into a handicap accessible seismic proof bomb shelter/indoor garden/dog park/petting zoo/sheep, goat, and chicken farm/public library/rec center, and all my friends and I who need homes can rent out the shops, which have been renovated into apartments.
I'd give everyone I love the safest home possible, with wonderful plants and free eggs and wool and goat milk, and I'd employ them as custodians if they wish, and librarians and gardeners and farmers and brewers and cheese makers and crafters and whatever else they'd want.
I'd start a studio and make all the films and video games and books and cartoons I could possibly want, and whatever profits we made would be used to fund my friends' projects.
I'd have a modest home with my partner, a dog, and a hedgehog, and we could finally settle down and think seriously about raising kids.
I would make my best friend his own special home where he could be blind and independent in the most comfortable and convenient environment possible.
I'd have mercy on my parents and grandparents and let them retire there.
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"I say we forget this business and run."
My biggest win was only... I want to say approximately $100-ish USD, from a horse race in Pimlico? I am notoriously bad within the family with scratch-offs and the like, and have never won more than about $10 in a lottery.

About a million would probably be saved for myself, immediate, and whatever-the-step-beyond-immediate-family (since extended tends to cover everything from "Cousin" to "5th cousin on step-brother's side", depending on who you ask), since it's more than enough to handle immediate housing woes for everyone, replace any older vehicles, and set aside a comfortable enough nest egg. Would be more, but considering the age of my parents and relative financial stability of everyone at this time doing so would effectively just make the jump from "Financially secure" to "Financially overburdened / outright rich".

Next million would probably be spent doing the same for a great deal of my online contacts, as well as present and former coworkers. Have a fair few friends who live on the West Coast with its notoriously high costs of living, a bunch more who're raising families, and in general there's a reason economists have increasingly tried sounding warning bells "Most people don't have enough for a spontaneous $500 expense". Helping to fix that (and give a few of my coworkers aid in their ongoing costs of tuition or whatnot) is far from the worst expenditure, as well as help those living in toxic situations get somewhere much safer for them physically and mentally.

Last three-to-four million, give or take (depending on just how much of the $10mil is taken out in taxes, used to properly manage the above with the aid of a financial advisor, et al), would go towards assorted philanthropic and preparatory measures. Give a bit of a jump start to some of the projects in MD aiming towards preserving the environment and / or counteracting the looming effects of Climate Change. Donate some money to COVID-relief charities and local homeless shelters. Put some money down for medical researchers and Doctors Without Borders and whatnot. Basically "I have no need for this: Put it to actual use instead of obsessively hoarding it or telling people they should try being lucky like me".

Because, I mean, seriously: I don't have grand plans for my life. A big house would be nice, but I'd honestly be more than content to live in a typical unit in a mobile home park (or, in all honesty, keep an apartment like my current one so long as I could be secure in the knowledge that I own it and couldn't have it swept out from under my feet because Genetic Control decided I must go). A good $30-$40,000ish is enough to set aside for a new(ish) car and its next 1-2 replacements over the next 20-40 years. Another $10-20,000 provides a very solid nest egg whilst continuing to work in some manner or another. I've no real plans to start a family of my own, and a lot of my family already has as much (or, indeed, has even seen them start their own family), so that cuts down enormously on future cost-of-living expenses. Property living on the East Coast is moderately expensive, but nowhere near the horror show that is West Coast and / or more 'popular' destinations (Such as New York or Miami).

I'm quite content with a life that can be summed up as "Did good things for their fellow man, indulged in some hobbies on the side". Hell, I wouldn't have volunteered to have money taken out of my paychecks for the ACLU and aforementioned Doctors Without Borders if my obsession was "MONEY! MONEY! SWIM IN DOSH!"


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I would be able to live without working for the stubborn and greedy for the rest of my life. I would have nothing but time to pursue my dreams, every second of every day.

Now if it were 10x that amount, I would do a whole lot more.


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Do the same as I usually do, just with a much better PC. I honestly have no idea what I would spend all that money on. Probably give most of it to my family and friends.

Edit: But first would convert from $ to £.


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Upgrade PC. Invest half of it in Bitcoin. Use half a million and buy a nice house. Buy a nice car, or two. Give around a million to cancer research. Buy a lot of art. Uh... there's probably more but I've forgotten.

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Make it rain on people close to me

Also have some people build a brand new furry website with free speech and astro-turf it into relevance


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Buy dream car (Lambo Gallardo or Aventador), buy a quaint house with low monthly upkeep costs (for efficiency), buy a fursuit for all my sonas from respective makers, travel, buy a shit load of art. Donate tons to youtubers i like while they streaming.


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Pay off my family's debt, actually have make us live instead of trying to survive, buy essential items that are expensive to further advance my financial gain as well as items I just want for enjoinment, eat healthier, and invest into hobbies I'd like to pursue.


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  • Pay off the rest of my existing debts.
  • Contribute $500,000 to a scholarship fund for the University of the People (covers a surprisingly large number of people who need schooling: Over 100 students going for a four year degree, to wit)
    • Also, finish getting my degree.
  • Lock up at least $2.5m in interest bearing instruments on staggered maturities.
    • These will be reinvested at maturity unless there is a pressing need for funds.
  • Move east in the USA to close the distance between me and my partner.
    • This would require a home to be established somewhere east. Ideally, I'd like custom construction done, either an earthship or a shipping container home that uses at least four containers. Space is the desired thing for those builds. I anticipate this will eat up to $800,000
    • I'd like to have a short drive between us, rather than a 5,000 kilometer flight plus a drive.
  • Acquire an Arcimoto FUV. They're fun to ride.
  • Not tell anyone in the family about the money, ugh.
Ideally, once all the heavy lifting is done and I'm holding on to cash, I'd like to set things up so that $50,000 per year is disbursed to me, with everything else held in high interest accounts. Right now, I'm getting by fairly decently on my wages, and I'd still be working even with all that money: I'm mentally incapable of going long periods of time without employment, so I would find something to do. I'd just be doing it for the mental health benefits, not the paycheck. I'd just work part time, however, so I could get through school.
hmmmmm 10m.

well one ill give almost half to a friend i have irl to help him out.
2. if everything is in stock , id buy the latest video card they have.
3. buy a house of my own and fully pay it off
4. buy a nice truck and also pay it off.
5. the best gaming man cave makeover you can have XD lol !


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Probably save some of it and not use most of it for anything other than buying myself a house and staying there with my partner lol. A nice house though. And traveling a bit. But idk I don't spend a lot of money. A lot would be used to donate to anti-poverty places probably.


Embark on a quest to breed and train racoons to replace service dogs, this quest would likely take many generations and my whole life

... once complete i would wage war on small yap dogs as they could be replaced