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Buying Feral furry prints!


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Hello, all! I have been in search of shops that currently sell some nice looking feral furry prints to be framed in my home. Due to my husband being a bit squeamish, I will only consider either SFW or mild NSFW (i.e. can be nude poses but not too raunchy). Not picky on print size, just as long as they look nice!
An example of a SFW print I have bought before is here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29791279/

I heavily prefer characters that would be familiar to my non-furry friends, but I will definitely still look at shops that have have others!

Edit: I have over fifty prints now and still haven't bought ones of the following categories:

Series from which I am seeking just about any character:
-MLP (preferably retro)
-Filly Funtasia
-Lion King (preferably sequel)
-Sanrio characters (non-Aggretsuko)
-Jungle Emperor Leo (no humans obviously)
-Warriors (book series)

Series from which I am seeking specific characters:
-Jurassic World (Indoraptor or Vraptors)
-Lion Guard (felines only)
-Mario (no humans)
-Spirited Away (Haku only)
-Lilo and Stitch (any experiements)
-Madoka Magica (Kyubey only)
-Final Fantasy (no humans)
-Bambi II (Ronno)
-Spyro (Ember, Cynder, Spyro or Flame)
-Undertale (Asriel Dreemurr)
-Over the Hedge (Stella)
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maybe i can help you with that, this is some of my work


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Hello! I make prints of various animals, not sure if this is along the lines of what you'd be interested in but here it is in case you'd like to take a peek!



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ahhh! there are just a few feral prints in that shop but they are all lovely!! will definitely have to buy a few!
update: spent about 300 USD on etsy art today, still buying more! please show me your lovely art!
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